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Single-A Rules


The Single A division is instructional baseball and is geared toward getting children ages 6 and 7 ready to move into Little League. Players are introduced to the strike zone and should be working toward eliminating the use of the Tee during the games as the season progresses. Score is not kept at this division.

Game Play

  1. Number of Players on Team
    • A maximum 8 to 9 players per team is a goal.
    • Minimum 5 players per team to play a game. 
    • There are no player callups for this division.
  2. Number of Players in Field at a Time / Batting Order
    • Fielders must remain behind an imaginary arc 40 feet from home plate until the ball is hit.
    • Players at the following positions: Pitcher (must wear a helmet), 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, rest in OF.
    • There are no limits to the number of outfielders. Outfielders must be positioned at least three feet beyond the infield dirt.
    • Play should not be held up at the start of an inning for the catcher to get their equipment on. Play should begin when teams are ready. The catcher can join when ready.
    • Continuous batting order.
    • With the exception of the batter, all players for the batting tram must remain in the bench area. On-deck batters and the handling of bats are not permitted.
  3. Minimum Playing Time
    • All Players play the field.
    • Players cannot play more than 2 consecutive innings in the OF.
  4. Pitching Limits
    • N/A at this division.
  5. Base Running
    • Batters and base runners are limited to one base on infield hits.
    • Batters and base runners can take as many bases as possible on balls hit into the outfield but
      cannot advance once the ball is thrown back into the infield, regardless of whether it is in possession by a fielder. The base coaches need to direct base runners. If a runner is between bases when the ball comes back into the infield, they can advance to the next base at their own risk. The play is considered dead once the ball has returned to the infield, regardless of whether a defensive play has possession.
    • The base runners must stay in contact with the base until the pitched ball reaches the batter.
    • There is no advancement on an overthrow.
    • If a runner is thrown out, that player will return to the bench area. That is considered an out against the offensive team.
    • When the last batter of an inning puts a ball into play, the batter-runner and any other runners
      should not circle the bases until they touch home plate. Runners should advance as they would
      with any other batted ball. Coaches should enforce this.
  6. Steals
    • Stealing is not allowed at this division.
  7. Sliding
    • Sliding should be discouraged at this division.
    • No penalty for sliding.
  8. Bunting (No Fake Bunt / Swing Away)
    • N/A at this division.
  9. Coaches on Field
    • Offensive team
      •  Pitcher
      • Home plate (to help batters and catch the ball from pitcher/backup a catcher)
      • 1st base and 3rd base
      • Dugout/bench coach
    • Defensive team
      • Two Coaches on each side of the field to instruct and guide defensive players.
  10. Inning Ends When…
    • 3 Outs have occurred (defensive and strikeouts) or when 7 batters have hit.
  11. Batter is Out when...
    • Any defensive out. (Note: After 3 swings and misses, batter must hit from a tee to complete his/her at bat. A defensive OUT should still be recorded if the defensive team makes a play.)
  12. Dropped Third Strike
    • N/A for this division.
  13. Game Time or Innings
    • 1 hour 15 minutes, maximum.
    • Both teams should have equal number of at bats.
    • New innings should not be started after 60 minutes of game play.
  14. Field of Play
    • Bases should be 55-60 feet apart.
    • The batter’s box must be three feet by four feet.
    • A ball must travel 10 feet from home plate and remain within the baselines to be considered a live ball.
    • Players who are fielding the pitcher’s position should not be closer than 40 feet from home plate and must wear a helmet.
    • Coaches can use their discretion on how far away to pitch to their players.
    • In place of the base used at first, the league supplies a “safety bag.” This is a double width base. The purpose is to avoid player collisions by allowing sufficient room for the first baseman to cover the bag, while not standing in the hitter’s running path. The bag is placed on the baseline with the white side in fair territory and the orange side in foul territory.
  15. Catcher
    • Catchers are optional at this division. Catchers must wear all appropriate equipment (shin guards, chest protector, helmet, catcher’s mitt) at all times. All other Little League rules regarding catchers also apply.

Coach's Responsibilities/Helpful Hints

  • Player safety.
  • Every player should have a chance to play the pitcher position throughout the season. It’s the most active position at this level.
  • One 60-minute practice per week.
  • Only league-issued “RIF 5” baseballs shall be used at any time.
  • Players should understand basic batting, base running, fielding, catching, and throwing fundamentals.
  • Each practice should also have a “fun” dynamic to it. A goal of each coach should be that all their players return for Single A or advance to AA the following season.
  • Players who struggle to hit a pitched ball should be encouraged players to hit off the tee at the beginning of their at bat.
  • Play must stop and instructions given to batters who throw a bat.
  • With the exception of the batter, all players for the batting team must remain within the bench area. On-deck batters and the handling of bats are not permitted.The defensive team should position a coach behind the catcher.


  • There is no home plate umpire in Single A.
  • Coaches noted above are the base umpires for this division.


  • No Playoffs for this division.

Summer Teams

No summer tournament teams are generally run for this division. A summer clinic may be organized for 7 year olds who will be eligible for AA (Kid Pitch) to introduce the fundamentals needed for this age group. Parents of players will be notified by Amesbury Little League if any such summer clinic will be held. Such clinics may require a separate registration. 


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