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Tee Ball Rules


The main focus of the Coaches and Parents is to teach the fundamental skills of baseball and provide all players with an opportunity to learn all positions, skills, good sportsmanship, and the rules of the game in a safe, positive and fun environment.

The goal for this division is to have fun while learning about the game of baseball. Score is not kept at this division.

Game Play

  1. Number of Players on Team (Callups)
    • A maximum 8 players assigned per team is a goal.
    • Player callups do not apply to this division.
  2. Number of Players in Field at a Time / Batting Order
    • Fielders must remain behind an imaginary arc 40 feet from home plate until the ball is hit.
    • Fielders occupy the following positions: Pitcher (must wear a helmet), 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, rest in OF. Do not “pack” players in the infield.
    • Continuous batting order.
    • With the exception of the batter, all players for the batting team must remain in the bench area. On-deck batters and the handling of bats are not permitted.
  3. Minimum Playing Time
    • Players cannot play more than 2 consecutive innings in the OF.
    • All players play the field every inning.
  4. Max Pitching Limits (Types of Pitches Ruled Out)
    • N/A
  5. Base Running
    • Players on base must have 1 foot on the base until the ball is in play.
    • Once the ball has been hit runners can advance to the next base.
    • If the ball stays in the infield, only 1 base per hit is allowed.
    • If the ball is hit to the outfield, runners are allowed to take up to two bases.
    • Base coaches need to direct base runners. If a runner is between bases when the ball comes back into the infield, they can advance to the next base at their own risk. Play is effectively dead once the ball has returned to the infield.
    • There is no advance on an overthrow.
    • If a base runner is thrown out, that player will return to the bench area.
  6. Steals
    • Not allowed at this division.
  7. Sliding
    • Sliding should be discouraged at this division for safety purposes.
    • No game penalty if this done.
  8. Bunting (No Fake Bunt / Swing Away)
    • N/A
  9. Coaches on Field
    • The first and third base coach will ensure base runners are aware of where they are going and when.
    • The first and third base offensive coach should coach the positional player as to possible scenarios. Also, as a minimum, be sure the player is attentive to the batter and runners, if for no other reason, safety.
    • The first base coach will explain to the first baseman the proper way to stand on the safety bag, so to stay out of the base runner’s path.
    • The home plate coach will make sure that play continues in a timely manner. In Tee Ball, this coach is responsible for being sure the ball is returned to the Tee area, and that the Tee height is adequate for the batter.
    • The bench coach will need to keep the offensive team controlled, assuring the batting order is moved through in a timely manner.
    • The defensive team’s infield coach will be located behind the second base bag, shallow to the outfield. This coach will coach the positional players (2nd, shortstop, and nearby outfielders) as to possible scenarios. Also, at a minimum, be sure the players are attentive to the batter and runners.
  10. Inning Ends When...
    • 6 Offensive batters have hit.
    • Outs at bases can be made. (A coaching goal is to teach players what an OUT is.)
    • 3 outs should not end an inning at this level.
  11. Batter is out when...
    • A defensive team earns an Out once the ball is put into play.
    • Players should be taught what an OUT is before the end of the season so they can carry this over to Single A.
  12. Dropped Third Strike
    • N/A at this division.
  13. Game Time or Innings
    • Game is over after 1 hour of game play.
    • Both teams should have equal number of innings to bat. No new inning should start after 50 minutes of game play.
    • The home team is responsible for the bases and game ball to be used during play.
  14. Field of Play
    • Bases should be 50 feet apart.
    • A ball must travel 10 feet from home plate and remain within the baselines to be considered a live ball.
    • In place of the base used at first, the league supplies a “safety bag.” This is a double width base. The purpose is to avoid player collisions by allowing sufficient room for the first baseman to cover the bag, while not standing in the hitter’s running path. The bag is placed on the baseline with the white side in fair territory and the orange side in foul territory.
  15. Catcher
    • N/A at this division, since no catchers are used.

Coach's Responsibilities/Helpful Hints

  • Player safety is foremost.
  • Every player should have a chance to play pitcher position throughout the season. It’s the most active position at this level.
  • One 60-minute practice per week.
  • Only league-issued “Softee” baseballs shall be used at any time.
  • By end of the season all players should know where each base is.
  • Fundamentals of hitting, fielding and throwing should be the focus.
  • Each practice should also have a “fun” dynamic to it. Each coach should have a goal to make sure all their players come back for Single A the following year.
  • During games, make sure players rotate between the OF and IF positions, so no player is in the OF for more than two (2) consecutive innings.
  • Play must stop and instructions given to batters who throw a bat while batting.


  • Coaches noted above are the umpires for this division.


  • No Playoffs for this division.


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