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Tee Ball Overview

What to expect in Tee Ball.

Welcome to Tee Ball, arguably the most chaotic, adorable, and essential phases in a young player's baseball journey. Tee Ball is where 5-year-olds can experience basics of baseball for the first time, and learn important lessons on teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun on the ball field.

Objectives for Tee Ball.

Tee Ball is all about introducing fundamentals in their simplest form - swinging a bat, running to the correct base, and fielding and throwing the ball to your teammate. There are no balls, strikes, or scorekeeping, but there are outs. Rules are minimal and, instead, the focus is squarely on concepts - what do and where to go. Players will play both infield and outfield during games, and coaches will be on the field to provide instruction and serve as umpires.

Tee Ball prepares players for Single-A, which introduces coach pitching. By the end of Tee Ball, players should understand where each base is located, what constitutes an "out," as well as basic rules such as not throwing their bat after hitting the ball.

For more details, check out the Rules for Tee Ball.

Family time commitment for Tee Ball.

Tee Ball teams typically play one game a week, usually on Saturdays. Games last one hour. Teams will also hold one hourlong practice during the week.

Coaching commitment for Tee Ball.

Coaching at any level is a fun, rewarding experience, but Tee Ball is unique simply simply due to the young age of the players. Tee Ball demands a commitment to keeping the experience fun, simple, and educational, and teams are best served by having 2-3 volunteers on hand.

For more information, check out our page on Coaching Tee Ball.


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