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Field location and parking

Welcome to the 2024 Jimmy Fund tournament!

This year's tournament will be held from July 7-19 (weather permitting). With 9 teams participating, each team will be guaranteed four games of pool play, with four teams moving on to a single-elimination playoff (full schedule below).

Games will be held at either Packer or Randall fields in Amesbury Town Park, 35 Highland St, Amesbury, MA 01913.  Parking is available adjacent to the field and along Highland St, Friend St, and at Amesbury High School (see map below). We have a cash-only snack shack on site with a variety of options including hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fried dough and much more, and there are restrooms (Port-a-potties) next to Packer Field.


Schedule & Results

Standings tiebreakers:

  • Head-to-head
  • Runs allowed (RA)
  • Coin flip


Tournament Rules

2024 Jimmy Fund Tournament – U11

Hosted by: Amesbury Little League

Host is responsible for game support; umpires will be assigned by the Amesbury LL.

1. 9-team pool play; top 4 seeds advance to single elimination finals bracket. 

2. Home team will be determined by coin toss prior to the game. Home team will take the 1st base dugout.

3. Field site will have one Amesbury LL volunteer responsible to coordinate the game.

4. Each team will field 9 positional players with free substitution.

5. Each team is allowed 1 Manager and 2 Coaches. 

6. Continuous (all players) batting order will be in effect.

7. Every player must play minimum in the field for at least three (3) full innings with 2 being consecutive (6 outs). If the visiting team does not play the bottom of the 6th inning, the third inning of play is waived.

8. Regular season pitching rules apply throughout the tournament.

• Pitch count rule is in effect. 11-year-old players can pitch a maximum of 85 pitches in a game. 10/9-year-old players can pitch a maximum of 75 pitches in a game. Below are the guidelines regarding the number of pitches and the associated rest requirements:

*The pitcher may finish the batter and the pitch count reverts to the 20,35,50, or 65 level

1-20 pitches in a day – No calendar day of rest 21-35 pitches in a day – 1 calendar day of rest
36-50 pitches in a day – 2 calendar days of rest 51-65 pitches in a day – 3 calendar days of rest
66 or more pitches in a day – 4 calendar days of rest

Any pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches (If beginning a batter 39 pitches or below the pitcher may finish the batter and count will revert to 40) in a game CANNOT play the position of catcher on that calendar day. Any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. Each team should nominate a pitch counter. The pitch counters shall confer every half inning with the official scorekeeper and immediately resolve any discrepancies with the opposing team.

9. Slash Bunting is not allowed. If a player attempts to take a full swing after squaring to bunt, the batter will be immediately called out. The rule is instituted as a safety issue.

10. All base runners must slide or avoid contact at any base where the defensive players are attempting a play. At all times, the base runner must avoid contact with the defensive player. If a player does not slide into a base when a play is being made, and there is contact, even if unintentional, the umpire will call the base runner out. If player slides and there is incidental contact or ball gets dislodge there is no penalty, and the umpire will call the play as is on the field.

11. Fifteen (15) run mercy rule at the end of 3 innings or 2 1/2 if home team is ahead and a ten (10) run rule is in affect at the end 4 full innings or 3 1⁄2 if home team is ahead. Home team, if behind, will always have last at bats. 

12. Two (2) adult base coaches are permitted. If a player is designated as a base coach, that player must wear a batting helmet. 1 coach must always be in the dugout.

13. On-deck batters are not permitted at any time. No player in the dugout is allowed to hold a bat until they are making their way to the batter’s box.

14. Catcher’s mask must have the separate throat protection attached to the mask regardless of the style of mask.

15. A manager or coach shall not leave the bench or dugout area except to confer with a player or umpire and only after calling for and being granted a time-out by the umpire. Only offensive coaches allowed on the field unless time is called then the defensive coach can leave the dugout area and enter the field.

16. Teams need 9 players to start a game. If a player gets injured a team may continue to play with 8 players. If player leaves due to injury no out will be recorded when their spot in the order comes around. If player’s spot in batting order is skipped and no out is recorded, then that player may not return to the game.

17. Players must have played in 2 games before the semifinals to be eligible to play in or in the finals.

18. Night games may have a curfew due to darkness, keep the game moving. If a game is called due to darkness the score will revert to last full inning played.

19. Little League regular season rules are in affect for all other instances.

20. Dugouts must be cleaned up after each game. Every water bottle and piece of trash must be in the proper receptacle.


23. Home teams will have 15 minutes of I/O first then visitors 15 minutes.

24. Dropped 3rd strike is in effect


1.     Head-to-Head

2.     Least runs allowed.

3.     Coin Flip

Note: In the case of a tie, tiebreakers will apply to common opponents only. For example, if teams 1 and 4 have the same overall record, the remaining tiebreaker criteria will apply only to those games against common opponents. Therefore, the records will be considered for the following games: Team 1 vs. Team 4; Team 1 vs. Team 3; and Team 4 vs. Team 3, to break the tie.


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