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  1. Amesbury Little League has adopted a Zero Tolerance Rule with regards to the treatment of umpires by managers, coaches, players or parents. Failure to comply with this rule WILL result in removal from the field and perhaps removal from the program. The coaching staff of each team is expected to keep their fans under control. 

  2. The Manager (or Acting Manager) is the person appointed by the league to be responsible for the team's actions on the field. The manager shall always be responsible for the team's conduct, observance of the official rules and deference to the umpires. The actions of players, managers and coaches must be above reproach. The coaching staff must set a good example for the players and parents to follow in regards to good sportsmanship, respect toward coaches, umpires, teammates and the opposing team. Anyone who is involved in a verbal or physical altercation or an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct is subject to disciplinary action by the league. 

  3. Coaches should help all players on the field regardless of team affiliation. Coaches are encouraged to engage parents in assisting with the different tasks and coaching assignments necessary on game day. 

  4. Managers and coaches must remain in the dugout and must ask permission from the umpire to come onto the field for a conference with either a player or an umpire. Only the manager and up to two League Approved coaches are allowed in the dugout during games. 

  5. The Manager (or Acting Manager) is the only one who is to represent the team in communications with the umpire. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning for the first offense and upon a second offense may be either suspended or removed from the program. 

  6. The manager was selected as the person responsible for the team. To that end, the manager is responsible to know and understand these rules, and the Playing Rules issued by Little League. The manager is responsible to be sure their coaches understand these rules as well.
  7. Each Manager is expected to introduce themselves to the players and parents in a written letter of introduction which will include general information about the team, the expectations of the manager of the parents (i.e., level of involvement, concession stand duties). Highlight some of the calendar events (i.e., Opening day, picture day, expected end of season, playoff rounds, banquet, etc.).
  8. Each manager is expected to have a practice plan in place prior to each practice session. 

  9. A manager may recommend to suspend a player (or players) for reasons of misconduct and/or behavior detrimental to the team. Further acts of misconduct may result in the player being removed from the league. The Board of Directors makes such decision. 

  10. If a manager, coach or player is ejected from a game he/she is automatically suspended from at least his/her next game. The Board of Directors for conduct detrimental to the league may dismiss any manager or coach. 

  11. League members must follow all State traffic laws with regard to transporting children to any league event. This includes games, practices, trips for ice cream, etc. The risks are monumental. The consequences for failing to follow the law could be devastating! Any person in Amesbury Little League found to be breaking this rule will be suspended indefinitely or removed from the program. 

  12. All managers and coaches should be properly dressed at all league events. This includes practices, games, tournaments, etc. 

  13. Unless a manager is notified by a league official of a rainout, their team MUST appear for the game. 

  14. Teams must have one (1) manager and no more than two (2) designated assistant coaches. Teams are allowed to have practice assistants. At the AAA and Majors divisions, rosters, including coaching staff are submitted to Little League International. The stated coaching staff members are the only members allowed in the dugout, without board approval. No person is allowed to assist, without board approval, which is dependent on a background check. Any unauthorized persons violating this will be asked to leave, and any manager involved will be referred to the board for disciplinary action. The state of Massachusetts and Little League are serious about background checks on all individuals involved with the program. 


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